by fiat frost, zassy diva, o-b-rom

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Another adventure of new and old sound. Rerecord of unreleased songs and new stuff written in 2013. With same team and co-workers
All song recorded from Jan 2013 - September 2013
(c) 2013 Fiat Frost


released 13 November 2013

Frank O-B-Rom on Guitars and Bass.
Boaz Zippor played Guitars on "Hospital".
Jasmine Shufen Yang played Additional Piano on "My Last Wish".
FIAT FROST on vocals synthesizer, mandolin, and programming.
Recorded by O-B-Rom. Mixed by FIAT FROST.
Mastered by FIAT FROST and Shane Godspell



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Zassy Diva Thailand

Zassy Diva, a pop-rock band formed by singer / song writer FIAT FROST with music producer O-B-ROM presents new tunes to Thai and foreign audiences. The style of Zassy Diva is based on retro music that is played by experimenting with sounds from samplers and synthesizers. So here comes one sassy diva, the real experimental band from Bangkok. ... more

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Look in my eyes. Girl, can you find the truth.
The world’s not the same. You’re hurt with the pain of youth.
Once you realize, you gotta survive. Won’t you?
You live with no dreams, reality lies in front of you…

You pulled yourself down deep to the hole again.
You’re lost in the clouds. People around you are insane.
And there ain't no stopping. If you won’t give up the fight
We gotta move on until the day we’d really die.

All of my life I dreaming my life away.
Surrealism, I fantasized that I’m OK.
I heard you calling. I woke up and see that It’s worse
To face or to hide. It’s all the same in my world…

In my dream, you’d keep tellin’ me…
Track Name: 歌舞伎 (Kabuki)
あなた は
I feel like
Track Name: HOSPITAL
I nearly dead. You can hear my heart beat.
I'm feeling numb, I can't move my feet
My shaky hands wanna hold you tide.
Oh god don't leave me. I'm alone tonight

I think I'm infected. She takes my cloth off.
Now I am naked. She check if something is wrong.
I can reject that. It's part of policy
She touched my body. Oh well I would be..

In love with Hospital
Love you at Hospital
In love with Hospital
Love you at Hospital

Now I am healthy I must pretend I'm weak
My heart is empty oh what a decease
I got a fever when I look at you
I got unconscious, Now I see the blue...

Back to the real world. Under your spell
I can't force myself to sleep. It hurt like hell
No one respect me. Destroy my privacy
Now I realize that I might belong here..
I'm in love with Hospital...
Track Name: MY LAST WISH
Get away from my life, I can't hide it any more.
Get away from my life, I can't hid it any more.
All the pain in this life, I can't take it anymore.
Get away from my life, cause I can hide no more.
Track Name: FUNERAL
I can do it for love. But love is lie.
I can do it for faith. Your faith is blind.
I can live for freedom. You’re slave of me.
We can dream of future. So don’t bother me.
Took me into the deepest of the hole
Stay way, I want to lift it up my soul.
Sky is falling. It’s going down
Now I’m standing here in my funeral.
Follow me. Don’t bring me down
Now you’re standing here in my funeral
Sing it out. I can hear you prayers
Now I’m lying here in my funeral
If this real?. Am I really dying?
I was dreaming of my funeral (funeral)
Will you do it for free. Just let me know.
Will you give it all, or just let it go?
Live my live a dream. I was terrified
What you’ve done to my life.
I was purified
Track Name: BLAZE
I found
the dark side of me.
I’m now
I want to release
My soul
and the spirit inside.
I’m dying
cause there’s a hold in my life.

Set it all the fire on me.
Burn it all the passion of me.
Now that I want you feel it too.
Bringing all the blaze for you.

Bringing all the blaze for you.

You say
you want to escape
from them.
You feel it’s ashamed
To live.
You started to hide.
To survive
I will find you the light.

I’m here
I’m lost in the crowd
We are
in the prison right now.
I don’t
listen to what they say
Do you
want to do what I say
It’s time to let go
A new war has begun
Your life is a battle
We’ve come undone.

Talking bout the revenge.
Someone needs revolution
Keep talking too much
Without an action
Someone acted like they are trying to help you.
Someone acted like they come to save you.

Chorus -
In 21st Century.
You are my Sanctuary.
I need no sympathy.
Your love is the Sanctuary.

I’m in a trouble.
Too much of problems.
They want to take control
I need to break the chain.
On the top of triangle
With the materialism
Are you the part of the industry?
Can you find the liberty?

No one get something for free.
They can offer, They can offer.
They got the future and dream.
They can offer, They can offer.
You have to be toughed enough.
They can offer, They can offer.
They want your soul, when you fall
(They’ll take your soul, watching you fall)
That’s the rule, just make a deal
Track Name: PRAISE ME
He’s a new messiah.
They called him a liar.
He can fulfill your desire.
He comes to light up the fire.
I saw he walked down the street.
With the massive of crowd.
He’s takin’ the revolution
Speakin’ message of truth.

The world should fall. Get Down on your knees
And praise me… praise me… praise me… praise me…
It comes to the end. You can’t see the sun…
And praise me… praise me… praise me… praise me…

People lack of their faith.
The air is covered with hate.
Our life is like an earth quake.
The world is going insane.
Track Name: SANCTUARY (Reprise)
In 21st Century.
You are my Sanctuary.
I need no sympathy.
Your love is the Sanctuary.

It's gotta bit of too much.
You gotta get up.

Someone acted like they are trying to help you.
Someone acted like they are trying to help you.
Someone acted like they come to save you.
Someone acted like they are trying to help you.
Track Name: 密造酒 (Moonshine)
She followed to the way of another one
She try to swallow down the morning sun
There're secrets last to see
I've got a place to be
In the moonshine

This love has gone so far, I realized
You made me ask for more I can't deny
The fact is plane to see
I've found ourselves to be
In the moonshine